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Electric Cars

As electric cars are growing in popularity,

Electric cars are fun to drive, extremely quiet, have no harmful emissions and cheap to run. As technology improves and new models are brought into the market, the distance electric cars can go between charges is increasing. Also on the increase are the number of places where you can charge an electric car, making them so much more practical for many people. So if you’re considering an electric car.

Here at St Albans Car Centre we have a great selection of the best models.

Call our team today to discuss all your Electric car needs from charging points to all makes and models including commercial electric vehicles.

We offer impartial advice on all aspects of the electric vehicle market,

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?
How far will an electric car travel?
Where are the best places local to charge my electric car?
Can I charge my electric car at home?

Allowing you to make the best choice and decision when purchasing an electric vehicle - call today on 01727 860710.

Electric Golf
E-golf sets the standard for the small family car with
Every thing you expect from a Golf with a great range

Renault Zoe Electric
Great small car that has a good range 5dr and 100% electric
Zero emissions brilliant for zipping around town with
great acceleration away from traffic lights this is a fun favourite

Nissan E-NV200 Van
No exhaust or noise pollution, the e-NV200 is environmentally kind and people friendly,
with a stylish dynamic design, a well-equipped interior and advanced telematics. This is a 100% electric NV200 van that has been designed to offer you the smoothest, quietest, cleanest and most cost-efficient drive of any light commercial vehicle beating the emission charges going in and out of London..

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